Normally, once individuals who attempt suicide are stabilized physically, they are referred for mental health evaluation and treatment to address the underlying psychological disorder that led to the potentially fatal action.

Frequently, suicide survivors are required to enter an in-patient facility for such care.

In short – attempting to end one’s life is not generally considered to be a sign of a rational, reasonable person capable of making good decisions.

Yet, the United States Army has capitulated in the face of what has been represented as a genuine suicide attempt by a Leavenworth prisoner demanding full gender transition surgery.

Former Army intelligence analyst, Bradley Manning announced that he self-identifies as female the day after he was sentenced to 35-years in Leavenworth, a male only facility, for violations of the Espionage Act.

Manning requested not only that he be referred to as “Chelsea,” but allowed to grow his hair to its current below-the-shoulder length, use cosmetics and be relocated to a non-federal facility that houses women.

While the Army conceded on the hair, make-up and female name, he has remained at Leavenworth.

Apparently, it didn’t take long for Manning to use the attention-getting tactics 8th grade girls to get their way, and today, it was announced that following the suicide attempt on July 5 and a hunger strike begun on September 9.

Manning, who was court-martialed for leaking 750,000 government documents and videos to Wikileaks, will be the first person to undergo the surgical procedures that remove male genitalia and construct female in its place.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which represented Manning in an action against the U.S. government, said the refusal to approve the surgery led to the suicide attempt.

President Obama’s Department of Defense will adopt a new policy for military personnel to “transition” to the opposite sex in October, but it was unclear that Manning would qualify following the dishonorable discharge handed down in 2013.

So, in the world of Obama and Clinton, gender reassignment surgery is a “medical necessity” and a legitimate use of federally budgeted money – the taxpayers’ money – for a psychologically unstable convicted felon who will be in the stockade for the next three decades.


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