Welcome to America, or perhaps a more fitting description should be welcome to “Obama’s dumping ground”! And sadly that’s exactly what America is fast becoming “a dumping ground, and a national security hazard.”

On Friday the Obama Administration released a detailed listing of some 190 cities that are tagged to receive a total of 76,000 refugees slated to invade America, the listing dubbed the “FY 2015 R&P Consolidated Placement Plan Summery by City” lists each city by name and the number of refugees that city will receive, regardless of what local and or state government thinks.

The states that will be the hardest hit to receive the “Muslim dump” will be California, Texas and New York.

While the Obama Administration misleadingly claims that refugees have been vetted, Homeland Security and the FBI paint a far different picture, and raising of course the possibility of hidden sleeper cells within those groups.

In fact the FBI has stated publicly that the likelihood of terrorists hidden within this group is almost a certainty.

While the obvious culprit to this continued “transformation of America” is no doubt its architect, “President Obama”, the actual fault lies with the congress for turning a blinds eye for decades, allowing our Constitution to be usurped, chipped away, piece by piece.

History tells us that the House (and the Senate) have been shirking their duties under the Refugee Act of 1980 for twenty years, which in effect allowed this “wolf in sheep’s clothing to undermine immigration laws, perhaps knowing that a gutless congress would sit idly by, and ironically Obama was correct!

Is your city on the list below?


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