It’s a good thing, radio personality and some-time television performer, D.L. Hughley, identifies himself as the “King of Comedy,” because otherwise he might be taken for the boorish, contemptible, race-baiting fool that a tasteless tweet has revealed him to be.

Following the sudden death of the Hollywood legend just a day after her only daughter, Carrie Fisher, was removed from life support when she failed to regain consciousness after a massive heart attack, Hughley took to Twitter to comment, as millions had done after learning the news.

Hughley, however, did not take the opportunity to offer condolences to the family – Fisher left behind a daughter who also suffered the loss of her grandmother within 24 hours of her mother’s death, or reflect upon the iconic roles the two women defined in classic movies.

He didn’t comment on Fisher’s admirable struggle to deal with personal demons, mental illness and drug abuse, or the way the mother and daughter had overcome their difficult estrangement to become best friends and, even next-door neighbors.

Instead, the radio DJ who claims to be a comedian turned the occasion into an opportunity to make a racially provocative comparison that at once demeaned Reynolds’s grief, trivialized her death and reduced African-American mothers to caricatures.

“Black Mama's don't die cuz they kids do. They cry and say God don't make no mistakes!”

The “Twitter-verse” erupted as Hughley was criticized for his insensitivity and lack of compassion under the circumstances.

One tweet called “the sheer ignorance… mindblowing,” another “disgusting,” while others pointed out that he himself, as a father, should “have more heart.”

Hughley has not deleted the offensive tweet, but did respond to one comment that read, “As a comedian, you should have a seat,” tweeting, “Nah!! As a comedian I should say what I see.”

Hughley hosted a Black Entertainment Television program for a single season in 1992, and a four-month commentary show on CNN in 2008. He also placed 9th on Dancing with the Stars in 2013.

He grew up in Los Angeles and was a member of the Bloods gang, but turned his life around after being expelled from high school, quitting the gang and getting his GED.

Nobody seems to find this "joke" in the slightest but humorous.

Do you think this comedian should issue a sincere apology?

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