Former fiancée of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Lydie Denier, recently explained that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had in fact resigned from her position because she knew just how bad she screwed up the Banghazi crisis.

"She was at the top at the time; she was the secretary of state," Denier said when speaking to Newsmax. "What I always wondered is suddenly she decided to quit her job as secretary of state earlier than people were expecting."

Denier wrote a new book called "A Voice for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens," detailing the Benghazi disaster and the resulting aftermath. The book commemorates Chris Stevens and the other Americans that lost their lives in the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012.

When speaking of why Hillary may have left office she said, "Did someone tell her, ‘Listen, you made a big boo-boo and you have to get out?’ That subject has never been brought to the public."

To nobody's surprise Denier explained how Hillary is not able to take care of a nation. She couldn't even take care of one situation and a handful of Americans.

"If we cannot trust her for Americans, how can we trust her for the whole country? It doesn’t make sense. In my book, I do talk about that and about what happened … Chris was and knew, was extremely knowledgeable about Libya and what was going on. He should’ve been listened to," Denier explained.

The book also made sure to remember the man that Chris Stevens was. "The Chris Stevens I knew was fun and loving, caring, always putting others in front of everything instead of himself," she said.

In the end Stevens was forced to give his life for our country, but it didn't have to be this way.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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