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“Playing soldier” in today’s “politically correct” environment seems almost an impossibility for a child, unless of course you’re 6-year old Mason Rudder from suburban Kansas City, MO, with a rare genetic neuromuscular disorder, then anything is possible.

Even allowing a child to once again be a child and play dress up and pretend, even if it’s just for a day.

However not even little Mason could have dreamed of becoming a real life Navy SEAL and actually training at a military facility, as this incredible video footage chronicles the action.

Mason (with the help of a few full-grown SEAL'S), sprayed rounds from a fully automatic M4 rifle into a vehicle, rushed through a field firing his weapon (an AR-15), and helped build and set off a wall bomb that blew the door off a building.

Quite a day for a 6-year old who dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL when he grows up.

Thanks to retired Navy SEAL Jared Ogden, he’s helping with his dream and also helping little Mason through some big challenges within his young life.

Aside from Mason’s neuromuscular condition, the disease also affects his bones and joints. His mom says he's already had 10 surgeries.

Mason's parents, George and Suzanne Rudder, surprised Mason for his birthday by driving across the state to a tactical training center near Farmington, Mo., to shoot and train with a former member of the Navy SEAL'S

He didn't know until today," said Suzanne Rudder, 36. "I think he was just stunned when we got here."

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