America's veterans are a national treasure that so often gets forgotten and left at the wayside. So when we see men and women coming together to honor a military veteran, it's worth taking note and giving some overdue credit.

Such was the case recently in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when an unknown Vietnam war veteran was buried amid the silent respect of 1,200 complete strangers.

Army specialist James Douglas Beaver was, by all accounts, a solitary, reserved man, who lived in the Fort Wayne area for most of his life and died without friends, family, or loved ones nearby.

It was only when a neighbor discovered his body that anyone thought anything was wrong.

The local funeral home director, David McComb, said that they waited for any friends or family to come forward regarding Beaver's death, but none did.

"Due to state law we have to wait a certain amount of time for friends or family to come forward to make arrangements and that never happened," McComb said.

Family members may not have showed up, but Beaver's brothers and sisters in arms did.

On the day of Beaver's funeral over 1,200 former servicemen and women descended on Fort Wayne for the burial ceremonies. None of these veterans knew Beaver or had served with him, but they came to show their respects for a fellow soldier who had served his country.

Beavers apparently enrolled in the Army in 1963. He spent the next six years in the Army and Army reserve and traveled to Germany during the Cold War.

He was buried with full military honors in a Catholic service and was finally surrounded by friends and compatriots. As one retired Air Force veteran said at the service, "Anybody that served is a brother. He’s not alone anymore."

God bless the men and women who serve in the military and thank you for making this man's last moments so special.

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