Watching Trump masterfully narrate Obama’s Cuba visit is perhaps the reason why the billionaire businessman is resonating with average voters. If anything Trump knows how to tell and also sell a compelling story, with a bit of humor and of course an antidote for solving the problem.

Trump was in Palm Beach, Fla., for a fundraiser when he got word that Obama was apparently being snubbed by the Castro brothers by not being at the airport to greet the hapless president on his arrival to the communist island, and of course Trump referenced it perfectly calling the Obama trip pure “amateur hour.”

Commenting; “Here’s how a thing like that is supposed to work. Number one, he has his people call up and say ‘who’s going to be greeting the president?’ If they say ‘nobody’ you don’t go until somebody’s there because you don’t want to look like a fool,” explained Trump, mincing no words in explaining how diplomatic etiquette works.

Problem solved!

Obviously Obama’s trip to the communist island has once again raised many issues, for the thousands of exiles living in America.

Fidel Castro and his brother have held a tight iron grip on the tiny island for over 5-decades, thousands of Cubans have been executed, and put into prisons, their lands and private property confiscated.

The president’s move to lift trade embargoes on the communist island have been met with demonstration and protests in both Miami’s Little Havana and also in Cuba as demonstrators were forcibly removed before the president's arrival.

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Trump Calls Obama Out For ‘Amateur Hour’ After Castro Stiffs Obama At Cuba Arrival"]
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