No matter what side of the refugee line you fall on--bring them in or keep them out--everyone understands the need for order and communication when it comes to bringing foreign nationals into our country. However, it's becoming clear that the federal government doesn't have anything under control when it comes to Middle Eastern refugees.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, refugees have already gone missing after they simply left their assigned city and went to a different state.

According to the TV station WBRZ, the refugee "left for another state after a couple of days." This specific refugee's sponsoring charity was Catholic Charities, which said that it doesn't have any program in place to track the whereabouts of refugees who leave their assigned cities.

To compound the gravity of the situation, Louisiana state officials had no knowledge that Syrian refugees were even being resettled in the state--imagine their surprise when they found out that 14 refugees had already been sent to their state.

In part to let the federal government know that it has overstepped its bounds, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal passed an executive order suspending state funds that would be used to help support any Syrian refugees. Though his actions may be demonized as harsh or insensitive, it is, in fact, his prerogative to make sure that things are run in the state according to the voice of the people.

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And shipping refugees into the state without any notice is something that definitely needs to be decided by the voice of Louisianans.

All humanitarian interests aside, though, the Middle Eastern refugee crisis is simply the most recent grappling between the dueling powers of states' rights and the federal government. Hopefully all states can find a way to give support to refugees and people in need. However, it's also imperative that the federal government not be allowed to overstep its bounds by passing measures that go against the voice of the states and their citizens.

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