Conservative writer Allen West believes there is a sinister war being fought against the president that goes beyond the controversy over the resignation of security advisor Michael Flynn following revelations that he had unauthorized conversations with the Russian ambassador about so-called "hacking" of the U.S. election.

"I submit, ladies and gents, this is no longer about 'obstructionism' but is about a deliberate undermining of the peaceful transition of power in the United States," West wrote.

Since the election President Trump has faced a relentless and unprecedented barrage of opposition from the left and the fake news media with their blatant attempts to block cabinet appointments and delegitimize Trump's presidency.

West says the reason is simple: "They lost."

The losers are now trying to render Trump impotent any way they can. Their tactics include propaganda and outright lies about Russian hacking, obstructionism, internal leaks to the media, threats of violence against the president, and escalation of violence against Trump supporters by leftist shock troops.

This is not going to be an easy presidency for Trump. One wonders why the billionaire real estate magnate even bothered to run.

West doesn't have to work very hard to prove his thesis. The globalist shadow government and their liberal enablers made enormous progress on the foreign and domestic battle fronts under Obama. To get Trump in line will require softening up using an array of underhanded tactics -- fake news being one of them.

West argues that the intent of the "progressive" opposition is to undermine our Constitutional Republic. That train has come and gone. There is not much of the republic left to undermine, preserve or restore that won't involve human suffering and bloodshed.

Trump appears to have grown wiser as to the magnitude of the opposition he faces and the depths it will go to achieve total control over the mind, body, and soul of America.

Napoleon had his Waterloo. MacArthur returned to fight another day. Trump may soon get to experience his "Putin Moment," when the only way to stop them is to jail them and kick them out.

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Source: Allen West



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