Ever heard of Vincent Damon Furnier? One of the greatest rockers to have ever lived and still performs today? You would probably recognize him by his stage name-Alice Cooper.

Unbeknownst to many a fan, Furnier is a devout Christian and is often misunderstood. Particularly when it comes to the music of Alice Cooper. He identifies as the “prodigal son” of a father and grandfather who were both evangelical pastors, and his wife of 39 years is the daughter of a Baptist pastor. His band appears to have started small, the “underdogs” as he calls them, but they grew “…bigger and bigger and bigger and all of a sudden there we were.”

It is in that moment that Alice Cooper was born. Furnier wanted to create a “villain” in the rock and roll scene, because there was none, so he created one because the Bible is full of villains.

In reflection;

“…I still find songs that from the first albums that have totally got all kinds of Christian bywords going all the way through it, because it comes out of you, what’s in you.”

Furnier says his music was always about good vs. evil and warning of Satan. Unfortunately he said all that a lot of people saw was the “image” of Alice Cooper. He is laughed at for his faith, but he does not care. God saved his life “20 times” and helped him survive “a million different things” and brought him success. The challenge for him now “…is being a Christian in the rock business.” He has to “live his faith” in a world that is not “his world” because his life is under a “microscope.”

Furnier is not an evangelist, but he is servant of Lord and uses his blessings to reach out to others. Particularly children through his and Pastor Chuck Strobel’s Solid Rock Foundation, that ministers to children through music. They ask nothing of the children. They just immerse them in in the love of Christian people that “…don’t want anything from them.”

“All we’re there to do is take care of them, and that’s the best way to show who we are. “

Furnier is an amazing man, and you will enjoy the linked interview with The Harvest Show.

Now-go listen to some ‘Second Coming’ and get a deeper appreciation for Alice.

Source: CNS News



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