The refugee crisis in Europe has been flagged as a clear avenue for ISIS rebels to infiltrate European cities with Islamists. In the aftermath of the deadly Paris attacks, this infiltration is only becoming more clear.

Authorities in Spain are reporting that they've arrested 3 people who were involved in recruiting for the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Spanish province of Catalonia. The suspects include 2 men, both from Morocco, and one woman.

Spanish police caught the 3 Islamists using social media channels to "disseminate extremist ideology." Additionally, the 24-year-old woman who was arrested in conjunction with the ISIS cell was preparing to travel to Afghanistan and had been radicalized by the two men.

This comes on the tail of recent news that radical mosques in Germany and elsewhere in Europe are actively seeking out refugees and offering them assistance as a way of ingratiating themselves towards the new Muslim arrivals.

Once the refugees are comfortable with the mosques and after they have received shelter, food, and resources, the radical leaders start to try and recruit the refugees towards their terror plots.

Europe, it is clear, will have to undergo a radical shift in tolerance and understanding about the way that Muslim culture can impact and change the makeup of European cities. With radical imams attempting to actively recruit from the huge pool of refugees and these Spanish radicals using social media to spread ISIS propaganda, it's clear that things are changing and that the governments need to change to keep up.

The real question, then, becomes: when will these scenarios become a common situation in the U.S.? Will we reach a point at which mosques are given free reign to recruit people to terror plots and to spread invidious lies about America?

Hopefully America remains cognizant of the troubles that Europe is facing and acts warily in regards to bringing in refugees from unknown backgrounds. Otherwise we will face the same crisis as Europe.

h/t: Jihad Watch

Img: Wiki/Flickr

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