“Budg-et (noun)- an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time”.

To most thinking American that definition sounds fairly correct, except of course if you’re President Obama, where absolutely nothing makes sense, and perhaps if this were a sporting event and the final score was 98 to 1, then that might actually shock this delusional character back to reality, however not even that lop-sided score seems to bring this guy around.

So this week, the Senate brought Obama’s budget plan to the floor, and quickly voted against it by a vote of 98-1.

The only person to vote in favor of Obama’s plan was Tom Carper, a Democrat and another delusional soul from Delaware.

“The budget” (if one can call it that), totally ignores those pesky little things called “expenditures” like the deficit and our national debt, while increasing overall taxes and of course what Obama does better than all of his other predecessors combined, spend, spend, spend, the people’s money like a drunken progressive!

“Astoundingly’, since 2011, this president has only received two votes in support of his purposed budgets; even Democrats in congress see that Obama’s budget plans are so far removed from reality that they would be impossible to support.

Generally they use it only as a base from which to pick and choose various pieces to form their own plans.

Meanwhile, the Republican-led House and Senate are actually going through the standard process to craft a real budget, the first actual budget since 2009, hopefully bringing an end to the year to year, sometimes month to month, to hopefully end this nonsense

Source: Conservative Tribune



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