Every American realizes that secrecy is a vital part of our national security, in that those who wish us harm should never know what “we know” and or our capabilities. However when secrecy is purposely pointed inward towards the American people, then something is drastically wrong!

And once again we witness this administration’s contempt for transparency and indeed for the American people, in yet another frightening and secretive deal to weaken America.

This time it’s Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership deal which in effect dismantle piece by piece our national security.

In particular Chapter’s 11, 28 and 29, respectively are being trashed to allow foreign investors the rights to acquire American land, businesses, ports, natural resources, infrastructure and other properties.

Moreover the right to circumvent the Judicial System (US courts), and sue the United States before a dispute tribunal if they feel U.S. law violated their “rights” under the deal.

The “deal” actually puts our own national security interests in jeopardy and reverses our rights, and as a consequence, other countries could maintain that U.S. security interests violate the deal and they could then insist the United States pay billions of dollars in damages.

Trump of course is correct when he says Obama doesn’t have a clue in how to conduct “free trade deals” and this Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, is an excellent example of dealing from weakness, and all one needs to do is take a look at Obama’s other highly publicized deal, the one that the Iranian Government is still smiling about.

Source: WND



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