Were you aware that the Muslim community is allowed to bank outside of the regulated prying eyes that the rest of us bank within?

They are allowed a system known as Hawalas. This is a practice of in-cultural banking and exchanging of cash. Much of this cash makes its way back to the Middle East and Africa, and into the hands of….wait for it….terrorists!

In fact, a whole lot of money makes it way back over the Atlantic. Glen Kerns, FBI Agent witht eh Joint Terrorist Task Force, investigated claims by Seattle Sea-Tac Airport regarding suitcases full of money leaving the country.

The suitcases belong to white Christian men. Just kidding. They belong to Muslims, and in amounts up to $2-Million dollars.

The cash was legally declared, but originates in such declared volume outside of banking, as indicated above. The banks did not want to be “middlemen” in what appeared to be a shady scheme. Enter Hawalas onto the money shuttling scheme.

Compound this by the fact that Kerns found some of the families who were shipping out the piles of cash are on the dole here. They are welfare recipients! Our money is passing through their hands and into those of terrorism.

Obama has “amended” the Immigration and Nationality Act, so as to allow (meaning ordered), TSA to use “discretion” in their investigations. This means that investigation into where exactly the money is going is being ignored. These are “routine social transactions.”

These practices are “well-established or verifiable cultural obligations.”  That’s true. There is a well-established cultural obligation to fund your neighborhood terrorist watch group among the Muslims populace, and with respect to those partial to radical Islam. It’s called Zakat—1/8 of every dollar they get, goes to their culture's Mujahidin (the jihadists).

You and I can only deduct such much on our taxes for our charitable donations to our community and church. We better have a receipt too. But, Muslims can ship out cash by the millions, with no questions asked.

You get wanded, ex-rayed, patted down, and your luggage thoroughly gone through, in front of everyone at the TSA checkpoint, but Abu-Achoo breezes right on by with his suitcase full of cash,  pockets jingling with change, and dollar bills fluttering to the ground behind him.

Obama just sits back and chuckles to himself.

Source: Mad World News


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