Five Syrian men have been detained in Honduras for traveling with fake passports. The men are believed to be traveling to the United States.

In 2013 the United Nations had warned that 'irregular migrants' were utilizing the same route as these men to illegally infiltrate the United States. The pathway warned about is from the Horn of Africa to Central America and Mexico into the U.S.

From CNN:

Honduran police Wednesday said they detained five Syrian men who traveled with fake passports to the Central American country’s capital.

“These citizens will be taken away and will be investigated. We already have confirmation that they had passports that were stolen in Greece,” said Aníbal Baca, a spokesman for Honduras’ Police Investigation Unit.

“We suppose that they were going to illegally travel by land all the way to the United States,” Baca told reporters. He did not provide details on why police believe the group was planning to go to the United States but said that investigators would do more digging in the coming hours to confirm the group’s travel plans.

Greek authorities and Interpol were involved in Honduras detaining the men, Baca said. Before the men had arrived, they had traveled to Lebanon, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica, he said.

Baca didn’t specify why authorities had been tracking the men. They will be presented to prosecutors to be investigated on charges of falsification of documents, he said.

Earlier this week, authorities in St. Maarten detained three people who they said were of Syrian descent and were traveling with false Greek passports, according to information provided by St. Maarten authorities to U.S. law enforcement, a U.S. official said.

At this time non known ISIS or terrorist ties are known but what is very alarming is that the men have traveled through several countries to get this far.

ISIS has vowed to use the Syrian migrant crisis as a means to infiltrate the west and this gives further credence that their claims are very possible.



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