If you thought that the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo were the end of the road for terrorism in France you will be astounded at how wrong you were.

According to a recent investigation by France's intelligence community, there are over 1,700 Islamic terrorists who are "ready to strike." Those numbers, compounded against the number of militarized Muslims that France is trying to keep out of the Middle East and the control of ISIS is simply frightening.

The same report, however, included the good news that two men have been arrested in connection with the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Yet that number, 1,700, is astounding.

Now, it's not clear exactly the criteria that French authorities are using to calculate this number. It could be that the number of people who would actually be prepared to strap on a bomb or pick up a rifle and go kill is far less than 1,700.

But there comes a point where you have to cede judgement to people who know the realistic nature of the threat. It's unthinkable that French officials would publish this number and not have reasoning to back it up.

Whatever the reasoning, however, the biggest takeaway from this should be trepidation and the need for preparation. Obviously France is preparing for future attacks. Are we?

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