It's easy to sit in our warm homes in America and spout off trite sayings about the need for religious freedom and freedom of expression. "All religions can be a force for good," some people say.

However, alarming statistics have been released that show that not all religions are good for each other, and not all religions mix well or play nicely together either.

In the Middle East, experts from a Catholic charity group called Aid to the Church in Need are estimating that Christians could become totally extinct in the area within 10 years. Those statistics are based off of the rising intolerance from militant Muslim groups like ISIS, and the declining numbers of Christians in all Middle East countries.

According to the charity group, Christians are becoming a rarity in the area for several reasons, the most disturbing of which is outright genocide. Besides being killed in mass numbers because of their beliefs, the actual tally of Christians in the Middle East is also declining because of Christians who are migrating away as refugees and Christians who are simply hiding in their home countries and avoiding the public's eye.

In Lebanon, only 38% of citizens identified themselves as Christian. That's the highest number of the countries polled by Aid to the Church in Need, but it's far from the most alarming. In Iraq, less than 1% of the population identifies as Christian. That's because ISIS has slaughtered thousands and pushed thousands more from their homes.

Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan all contain populations with 5% or less of the population claiming Christianity. This is a systemic problem in the Middle East.

And what are we, America, doing about it?

The time has come to support aid groups and other programs that help Christians in dire need. The Middle East isn't the only place that Christianity is under attack. Africa and Asia are also home to countries and groups that are targeting and eliminating Christians.

The Christmas season is coming. Let's keep our fellow Christians around the world in mind and do our part to alleviate their hardships.

h/t: Fox News

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