Allen West is one of the most respected, conservative, and out-spoken voices in this country. Were it not for the gerrymandering of his district he would still be serving as a Representative in the US Congress.

Fortunately for all of us conservatives, he still has a platform as a public leader, on the front lines of freedom, defending every right we have, regardless of whether or not they might conflict with his beliefs.

One of his latest vocalizations is that regarding the intolerant left. Particularly the special-interest homosexuals and anti-Confederate flag crowd.

Having learned of the Colorado Christian baker, Jack Phillips, who was effectively ordered to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding because it was in violation of the state’s anti-discrimination laws, West has come to Phillips’ defense by issuing a challenge to bakers everywhere.

If Christians are forced to bake cakes in contradiction to their religious beliefs, thereby being discriminated against, while simultaneously being accused of discrimination, then the rest of us should be able to go request cakes in keeping with the gay couple’s precedent.

As West said;

“So, we’ve come full circle and now are violating the exact meaning of ‘separation of church and state’…Our government is now persecuting Christians for their beliefs.”

He then challenges us;

“In that spirit, I’d like to issue a challenge to this audience: how many of you can get a bakery near you to make a Confederate flag cake?”

Brilliant. This is a great tongue-in-cheek way to peacefully protest the violation of Phillips’ First Amendment right, and as an African American, it is West’s opportunity to protest of the removal of the Confederate flag from history. West had garnered over 39,000 likes and over 7,000 shares by the time the linked article was written (8-18-2015).

The cake-baker and Confederate flag incidents are bellwethers for the coming violation of the rest of our rights in this regard. It is time to speak out. If it takes ordering a cake in whatever controversial counter-special interests belief out there, so be it.

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