Why is anyone surprised? Dominique Sharpton has learned from perhaps the best con-artist alive today, other than crooked Hillary Clinton, who has perhaps the most powerful man on earth running interference for her, Sharpton no doubt is one impressive dude for being able to both game the system and stay out of federal prison.

Where else can you commit arson “twice” owe the IRS in excess of over $500,000, and be a guest at the White House dozens of times?

By any reasonable standard slim shady Sharpton should be wearing pumpkin orange in some upstate federal prison, next of course to crooked Hillary.

Anyway back to slim shady Sharpton’s daughter who pulled a Tawana Brawley scam by claiming she “sprained her ankle” while walking the mean streets of SoHo, however within a few short hours she was romping the night away in high heels at a concert.

Sharpton climbing at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada - after the sprain

That’s pretty impressive for someone who moments earlier said; 'I heard a snap,' when she tripped at the corner of Broome Street and Broadway on October 2, 2014.

The $5 million dollar lawsuit deposition, can no doubt buy an awful lot of liniment to rub away her pain.

However it seems that Dominique hasn’t yet learned how to cover her tracks like her resourceful dad, who when faced back in the day, with an IRS investigation, slim shady Sharpton, simply took a match to his office and burned down the place with all the ”documents” inside.

Moreover Dominique hasn’t yet learned the fine art of indigent bluster when confronted with an uncomfortable truth, while complaining that she could no longer ski or run marathons, however when asked if she had ever run a marathon before the accident, she responded; 'Not necessarily. But if I, you know, if I needed to do it and exercising or something like that, I was capable of it. Now, I can't.'

Sharpton climbing a mountain in Bali last year

Sharpton wearing high heels after her alleged "sprain."

Perhaps Sharpton should give Dominique a little added advice, in that posting photos of yourself hiking up and down mountains in Bali, or jetting off to Miami to visit your fiancé or the dozens of other activities isn’t exactly covering your tracks.

Do you think the Sharpton family are dishonest scammers?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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