Al Sharpton has recently denounced claims that he owes Millions in form of taxes to IRS, New York. This is following a report by the New York Times alleging his failure to pay taxes; apparently he faces state and federal tax liens amounting to more than $4.5 million. The report gives an in-depth account of his alleged history with tax evasion. He is allegedly liable for personal federal tax liens of a sum exceeding $3 million coupled with state liens of $777,657, while his companies owe another $717,329 on both state and federal tax liens.

Contradicting these allegations, Sharpton claims that there is no way he can be owing the same amount he owed back in 2008, since that would mean that he has paid none of the installments. However, he seems to be forgetting that taxpayers who have accrued tax debts over many years often owe just as much, or even more. This is due to the accrued interest and penalties. Further, Sharpton’s claims that he has been making regular payments as agreed. This is quite unconvincing since the balance has not reduced significantly. If any payments have been made, they were obviously not substantial.

Sharpton cites political motivation in the timing of the article, claiming that it is no coincidence that his tax woes are making news just as the nation prepares for the grand jury decision in the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

It is extremely convenient that Al Sharpton is not a Republican; otherwise his powerful democratic enablers would not protect him from being investigated. Although Sharpton vehemently denies the tax evasion allegations, claiming to have paid down the taxes to a great extent, and maintaining that the tax debt is not willful, one is left wondering, why is he not in jail yet?

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