“Slim Shady” Sharpton is at it again, the unabashed tax cheat and race hustler is setting his sights on Madison Square Garden to perhaps extract some much-needed cash, disguised as another righteous civil rights issue against the white establishment.

The “dust-up” involves former Knick star Charles Oakley being forcibly ejected Wednesday night from court-side, in an apparent unprovoked emotional meltdown by the former basketball player, which was televised nationwide.

Although the exact cause of the incident and what set Oakley off into a triad isn’t known, the Knicks organization assert that Oakley was belligerent, disruptive and abusive from the moment he took his seat in at the Garden. The Knicks say Oakley had to be reminded several times to maintain civility by MSG security until they were finally forced to remove him from court-side. However, Oakley maintains he’s done nothing wrong.

Which of course is the perfect segue for “Slim Shady” Sharpton to enter and extract (blackmail) concessions from MSG by threatening all sorts of things, and of course using the “race card” as a shield.

The strategy by Sharpton which has been used for decades against major corporations is to simply threaten them with boycotts, demonstrations, and picket-lines.

In a statement released Monday Sharpton who heads up the National Action Network, threatened Knicks owner James Dolan, with the prescribed threats issued by Sharpton mouthpiece NAN’s Northeast Regional Director Kirsten John Foy, “to picket Madison Square Garden in solidarity.”

However “Slim Shady” Sharpton’s threat in mobilizing his merry band of race hustlers may not pan out since NBA legend Michael Jordan and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver are working behind the scene attempting to mend the discourse between Dolan and Oakley.

It appears Sharpton's loud mouth bully tactics will very well not be necessary as Micahel Jordan has stepped up to the plate to solve the dispute in a civil manner.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Michael Jordan spoke with Knicks owner James Dolan and Charles Oakley to help end the dispute.

“Remarkably” Sharpton has avoided paying taxes and going to prison for decades, and according to published reports “Slim Shady” Sharpton has been evading paying taxes back to at least 2004, when his front National Action Network organization underpaid the IRS to the tune of $900,000 in taxes. The amount which now stands at untold millions of dollars in penalties, and although he still owes personally in the neighborhood of $5 million in back taxes, he still draws a salary from the National Action Network, in excess of $250,000. No doubt being a close confidant of the former president (Obama) has its rewards!

Source: Sporting News, ESPN

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