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“What’s in you’re wallet?” Is by far one of the most recognizable “tag-lines” used in pitching a product, this one happens to be a well-known credit card company, the iconic line is usually uttered at the end of the commercial.

That line for many hard-working Americans especially after April 15th (tax day), has come to symbolize just how egregious and politicized our tax system has become under this administration.

And of course if you’re a personal friend of Obama’s, or likewise someone who disagrees in principle with his destructive agenda, rest assured the IRS will take notice, and act accordingly.

In the case of Obama’s personal friend Al (shady) Sharpton, the IRS has apparently been told to look the other way, or at the very least to take it nice and slow with the perpetual race hustler and MSNBC host, who currently owes the tax man in the neighborhood of a cool $500.00 and growing, and that’s just for his federal income taxes.

Moreover Daily Caller finds that both Sharpton and his MSNBC colleague Joy-Ann Reid are still on the Tax Man’s naughty list, despite assurances last year that they were working to settle up their accounts.

Meanwhile, Sharpton, who’s always quick to rush to any protest regardless of the actual facts, also owes New York State big time, and according to recent released records at least 2-open New York tax warrants have been issued for nearly $600.00.

One judgment dates back to 2009, and is for $103, 156.06, and he other is from 2008, and is for $492, 612.41.

Perhaps the most interesting back-story unearthed by the Daily Caller are the number of progressive news personalities and hosts at MSNBC who collectively owe quite a sum in back taxes and penalties to Obama’s IRS.

There’s little doubt that “shady Sharpton” is a tax cheat, and a fraud however he pales in comparison when it comes to truly gaming the system, and that distinction most go to Hillary Clinton, who has used every dirty trick to amass a fortune, and so far as been able to stay out of prison…”so far!”

Source: Hot Air



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