Reverend Al Sharpton…a classic study in stupid-is-as-stupid does. Really, does it get any dumber than his latest tweet regarding the tragic flooding in Texas. Sadly, when it comes to the good reverend, it probably does get dumber. In fact, “probably” is not a good word. It DOES and almost always IS dumber.

Via Twitter, the Reverend Sharpton invited callers to phone in to his “Keeping it Real” radio program (did anyone even know this existed and does anyone listen to it?), to address God’s rebuke or climate control, as indicated above, which when reading the tweet is hard to tell whether he means God controlling the weather or the government.

So, is he also hinting at some belief in the conspiracy of chem-trail induced climate control? That would make him a hack for the Liberal wing of the government as well as a turn-coat conspiracy theorist that takes aim at that same wing of the government?

Somehow this seems fitting for a guy who wants to grow the already invasive government, and supports higher taxes, while he goes about life not paying his “fair share” via out tax evasion, filing bankruptcy on his non-profits, and moving on to start another. One must ask themselves, if Al Sharpton ever thought about whether or not his blessed presence as a “religious leader” is governmental control via sheer annoyance, or God’s retribution upon us all for the stupidest among who give guys like him a public platform to spew sheer moron-speech such as his Twitter-tweet.

Tough call.

h/t: MRCTV

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