You've got to hand it to that premier race hustler and reputed Al Sharpton. He sure knows how to make a buck shaking the country down and constantly calling everyone "racists"

Now, if only he'd pay his taxes like "privileged" people do.

The race-baiting loudmouth Sharpton reportedly has more than $4.5 million in state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses. He's even accused of diverting money from his non-profit Political Action Network to pay tuition for his daughter.

Nearly $5 million - that's a whole lot of gravy to owe to Uncle Sam. And, since the story first appeared in the fair-and-balanced New York Times, you have to wonder what the editorial board is up to with regard to big Al.

As to be expected from Sharpton and his rabble-rousing activist ilk, the reasons his taxes are an issue are because of "politics" and racism. It's also because the untouchable Barack Obama is president and Bill De Blasio is mayor of New York.

Sharpton, who reportedly has a net worth of more than $5 million, lives in the lap of luxury while millions of America's once strong and dominant middle class struggle and claw their way to solvency and pay their taxes. He also is said to draw a $500,000 annual paycheck as a regular pundit on MSNBC.

True to his political colors, Sharpton would also have us believe the charge of tax evasion is a direct result of his career activism. His own words say it all: "Every time there is a Sean Bell or a Ferguson or a Trayvon Martin, we go through my taxes. It's the same agreement, y'all," he told the New York Times.

Nice try, y'all. But that just doesn't cut the objective truth test - not even in today's corrupt, decadent, deceitful, dumbed-down America where people now believe the Bill of Rights has gotten in the way of national security (damn those Founding Fathers.)

How many hard-working, tax-paying conservatives have come under direct scrutiny because of their "activism?" Only the IRS knows. And they aren't talking.

So now this laughing stock and national embarrassment Al Sharpton gets some bad press because he owes millions in taxes. No big deal. It's his important work that counts.

Will he end up going to jail like so many other bonafide tax evaders do? Nah. Al wears designer suits made of teflon, and has many Fergusons to go before he sleeps.


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