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One thing is certain wherever Sharpton hangs his hat controversy is sure to follow, keep in mind this is the same guy that within a span of 6-years had two fires destroy his office where his tax records were stored, and was the driving force behind  the Tawana Brawley kidnapped and gang-raped hoax.

So it should come as no surprise that even a biased and factually challenged organization like MSNBC would grow tired of Shapton’s baggage and finally give him the hook, regardless of whether the reports are accurate that the “clown prince” was fired  after a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit was brought against him.

The lawsuit filed by the National Association of African-American Owned Media claims least $20 billion in damages, and targets Comcast and TWC, as well as several African-American advocacy groups, including MSNBC host Al Sharpton.

The group claims that these parties are all facilitating discrimination.

The irony of course is that this race hustler seems to be getting out foxed as someone who discriminates against other minorities.

Moreover MSNBC has had a bizarre relationship with Sharpton, and one can only speculate as to why they've kept him on the airwaves and on the payroll for so long, perhaps out of fear of being targeted by Sharpton’s protest groups, and his ability to blackmail companies into forking over thousands of dollars for not agitating racial discourse.

Do you think a race baiter like Al Sharpton should never be on national tv?

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Source: American News



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