When Martin Luther King, Jr. marched for equal rights, he had a vision that one day every Oscar show will have a black male and female nominated not judged on their skill, but judged by the color of their skin. Or so that's the story that Al Sharpton would have you believe.

Sharpton took time out of his busy schedule of being the 'activist' equivalent of an ambulance chaser, and decided to take up action against the 'racist' academy that presides over the Oscars. Apparently there isn't a more pressing matter for a self-proclaimed civil rights activist to spend time on. This is actually good news for the United States and black people around the world. It would seem, in the world according to Al, the race issues he protested earlier this month have now vanished. To be more accurate, there isn't a more pressing race issue that can get Sharpton's face plastered across the media. Anyone else recall how long Sharpton said his vigilance over the justified shooting of a black criminal would last? I guess 'forever' has a different meaning in Sharpton's dictionary.

Let's assume that Sharpton should be outraged if the Oscars were racist. Is he right? This may come to no surprise, but not only is Sharpton wrong, he can't even use recent events to back his claims up. The Oscars are so anti-black that last year 12 Years a Slave won for best picture, both of the leads were nominated and one, Lupita Nyong'o, was even awarded for Best Female Supporting Actress. Furthermore, the president of the academy is a black female who oversees the selections. Moreover, there is at least one movie, Selma, that not only features a black cast, but sends a pretty positive message to the community, is nominated for Best Movie and for Best Original Song which was created by John Legend and Common who are, you guessed it, black.

Sharpton not only has zero evidence to support his claims, but anything said on the subject shows the exact opposite of what he states. This is a position that Sharpton finds himself in all too frequently. Sharpton is so historically wrong, if he ever tweets his Super Bowl favorite, you better believe the good money goes on the other team.


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