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Make no mistake, Al Sharpton is all about promoting a racial divide and confrontation, and although the announcement that this particular march has been cancelled in Cleveland ahead of the Republican National Convention, you can rest assured Sharpton will be there causing (perhaps behind the scene), his own brand of mayhem.

The “concern” for police officers after the carnage in Dallas, which left 5-officers dead and 7-wounded by a deranged racist is no doubt a true concern for many in Cleveland, however Sharpton has a long history of instigating racial discourse, however when faced with a politically sensitive or explosive issue, that may actually backfire, Sharpton cleverly changes tactics.

The planned march sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation was set to kick off on Sunday a day before the start of the GOP festivities and the good Reverend Sharpton was slated to headline the event.

However, Michael Weinstein, president of organization announced; "In the current uncertain environment nationwide, we are concerned for police officers who would be charged with protecting our marchers and advocates as well as for the safety and wellbeing of our march participants."

He continued: "In an abundance of caution, we have therefore decided to remain on campus and not march."

The Los Angeles-based organization provides HIV/AIDS medical care and advocacy, still plans to hold several free programs inside the Wolstein Center on Cleveland State University's campus, which will also feature civil rights activists, several rock bands, and performances by singer Raheem DeVaughn, gospel duo Mary and Jussie Smollett of the Fox television show "Empire."

Although this event is slated to be a peaceful, the anarchists and thugs will be out in force on Monday the day when the GOP Convention actually begins, and no doubt Sharpton who heads up the National Action Network, will be there creating mayhem..

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