The National Association of African-American Owned Media recently filed a Twenty Billion Dollar lawsuit against Comcast and Al Sharpton. Say what? That's right, the race-baiting finger-pointing talking head Sharpton, who has accused so many others of racism, is being sued for racism.

While Comcast has been recently named as one of the forty best companies for diversity, the National Association of African-American Owned Media presented their complaint that Comcast isn't providing enough fully black-owned channels. That out of the twenty-five billion dollars spent each year by Comcast, only a measly three million is spent towards African-American owned media.

Okay, now that we get the gist of the complaint, also suing Al Sharpton for racism, who by the way is receiving large donations from Comcast for his public support, is like suing the devil because hell is too hot. While it can be amusing to see Sharpton get a liberal dose of his own medicine, there are other serious considerations to put into perspective.

Comcast is a media provider, they understand the market and what viewers are willing to pay to see. The moment anybody, regardless of who they are, force a media company to provide a set percentage of broadcasting, we may as well wad up the US Constitution and throw it out of the window. Besides free speech, freedom of the press is another important part of our country as a whole. Telling a media company what they can and cannot produce, requiring a certain percentage of one type of programming over another, is another blatant form of censorship.

In an effort to avoid fully defending Comcast here, they have their own questionable practices. Paying off Al Sharpton for his public support isn't much different from receiving protection money for a shadow syndicate. The true danger from this lawsuit, if it comes to any conclusion that favors the plaintiff, is the precedent that it sets for those who use the discrimination argument to force their agenda upon others. Don't like the programming? If you don't watch it, you're a racist now. While that may seem a little over the top, it sure won't be far from the new reality if this case isn't tossed out.

Any required quota for African-American channels shouldn't be forced upon Comcast, or any other media franchise, for that matter. People already pay for hundreds of programs, only to find nothing really worth watching when they go channel surfing. Forced programming will reduce that stagnant level of quality even further down the scale, and that wouldn't do any bit of good for African-Americans. If anything, the National Association of African-American Owned Media should let the matter drop and focus on producing quality programming, so companies like Comcast will want to actually create a new channel for production. Those goals could be reached by buckling down and producing great content that viewers, African-American or otherwise, could truly enjoy watching. Besides the obvious level of common sense, it would be far more productive than suing Sharpton and Comcast for an unbelievable twenty billion dollars.



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