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One can’t help but be bemused and perhaps even a bit baffled by the French, and although there’s no doubt a deep sense of nationalist pride among the French, there’s also this odd paradox that seems to strangely coexist in allowing a dangerous Muslim Ideology, to breed and grow within their society.

This is a contradiction of how these three entities (the government, the people, and the Muslims) envision themselves.

And that contrast was made clear when Air France (partially owned by the government), instituted a new dress code, and ordered its stewardesses to begin wearing traditional Muslim garb, such as veils and Islamic headscarves, when the airliner resumes service later this month to Tehran.

The stewardesses have been ordered to cover their hair once they disembark in Tehran and unions are demanding that the flights be made voluntary for women.

The obvious punitive order has many Air France stewardesses, furious. Laurence Rossignol, union spokesperson representing flight crews, UNAC, has written to the minister for women’s rights and families, saying “Women who wear veils or Islamic headscarves, were like “negroes who supported slavery”
Flore Arrighi, head of the UNAC flight crews’ union, said that female staff are entitled to exercise “individual freedoms.”

However this dust-up speaks of a much wider issue, in that France along with the rest of Europe have for countless decades turned a blind-eye to what has been going on within their respective countries, allowing neighborhoods to be turned into Muslim enclaves while ignoring French laws, and creating their own Islamic leaders, their own Islamic laws, and their own enforcement.

In short a government within a government, that eventually would explode…and sadly for France it has!

h/t: Pamela Geller

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