U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pounds on table  in Washington while testifying on the September attack

The first attack came at nightfall in Benghazi, still afternoon in Washington D.C. where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff received an email from the State Department’s Operations Center: “U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi is Under Attack.”

Then almost seven hours later, at 12:04 am on September 12, came news of an attack at another location: “Update 3: Benghazi Shelter Location Also Under Attack.”

Mrs. Clinton famously posed the question in Congressional testimony, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” but to American soldiers, haunted by the thought that they could have saved lives, it matters and always will.

In fact, there were two attacks: the first at the consulate where Ambassador Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith died, and a second, hours later, at the CIA annex a mile away where contractors Glen Dohtery and Tyrone Woods were killed.

Now, a whistleblower from within the Air Force has come forward saying his team could have made the difference and saved lives, but were held back by the State Department for political reasons.

“They just kept telling me, we’re waiting on a call, we’re waiting on the call.”

The unidentified man who was stationed at Aviano Air Force Base in Italy echoed the long-held belief that a fly-over by U.S. military jets would have frightened the militant Muslims away from the compound and annex.

“I definitely believe our aircraft could have taken off and got there in a timely manner, maybe three hours at the most, in order to at least stop that second mortar attack and have those guys running for the hills. There were people everywhere, that fly line was full of people, and we were all ready to go, all of us.”

The sense of regret will last a lifetime.

“I still feel a sense of fault for not being there when we were needed. We could have been there, and that’s the worst part.”

The whistleblower says he has not spoken on the record for fear of retribution from the government.

Source: Washington Examiner


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