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Not only has our country reached a new high in its excessive support of political correctness, but that excessive nature has now infected our military. A group of anti-religionists are trying to punish an Air Force officer for keeping an open Bible upon his desk.

Air Force Maj. Steve Lewis serves at the Reserve National Space Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado. That institute is part of Peterson Air Force Base and is now under scrutiny by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation or MRFF.

That group, the MRFF, is calling for Lewis to be punished for "a statement of Christian preference, Christian primacy." The MRFF further called on the Air Force for its supposed double standard, saying that if the Bible had been a Koran or a text from some Satan-worshiping cult, "there would be blood in the freaking streets."

Lewis, however, appears to have complied completely with the complaint, removing the Bible from his desk so as not to be a distraction to his colleagues. His supervising officer, Col. Damon Feltman said that, "I’ve performed a walk-through of the office and everything seemed to be in compliance with Air Force regulation."

It's unclear whether or not Lewis will return the Bible to his desk, but a spokesperson for the MRFF said that displaying such a blatant symbol of Christianity on a publicly-funded desk is the real problem.

The MRFF further stated that it had received letters from "33 very scared Air Force families" about the presence of the Bible on Lewis's desk. While it may be true that some people have concerns about religious freedom or discrimination if they aren't Christian, I doubt that the presence of a book on a desk would offer that much to scare someone.

This is another example of false claims of prejudice in the name of political correctness. This ridiculousness needs to stop.

h/t: Fox News


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