By the looks of this kid’s beaming smile within almost every photo being “severely traumatized” by this incident is perhaps the least accurate description most of us would use. If anything this kid appears to be eating up the publicity and proud of his deed.

And perhaps that’s the reason that the parents of Ahmed Mohamed are attempting to shift attention of what appears to be a well orchestrated hoax from the beginning.

Incredibly Mohamed served only 3-days suspension for bringing to school what looked like a homemade bomb, with a large clock face, and wires all around, imagine for a moment if a kid brought a device like this to another school? If anything the school should be investigated along with the teacher for allowing this kid to walk around the school with this device without it being immediately confiscated.

Obviously this was a hoax that went to far, especially when one considers the recent carnage taking place within public places and with lone wolf terrorists and loons threatening to create mayhem.

And this nonsense by the family claiming that this kid now suffers with severe trauma as a result of his ordeal, which sounds more like an attempt to explain away, a potential criminal act, if anyone should be suffering “sever trauma” it’s the teacher that encountered this device that began to go off in her classroom, as Mohamed decided to take it out of his backpack or wherever he had it hidden.

And although everyone thought that the device resembled a bomb, the school district decided not to file charges against this kid, and the question is why?

Mohamed admitted it was “kind of cool.” Could it be that because his name is Ahemed Mohamed that this school distract is more concerned about political correctness, rather than actually protecting its students, and what of the other parents within this school, how comfortable are they knowing that their children could be at risk?

Watch this clip of Mohamed on a tv show being interviewed and decide for yourself. Does he look even slightly traumatized?

Source: Breitbart

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