Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

When political historians look back at this pivotal moment in America’s history, one state will no doubt have the distinction as either being the firewall that helped stop the continued erosion and the “transformation” of America, or was the last state standing against that transformation

That state for freedom loving Americans is the Lone Star state of Texas, which has fought this lawless and ethically corrupt administration time and again.

This time the battle for America’s sovereignty was once again fought within the state's courtrooms, as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Wednesday that laws from foreign countries should not supersede Texas state laws and that the courts should not be required to acknowledge those laws.

Paxton’s announcement in setting the record straight on Texas law stems from an incident in 2015 when Mayor Beth Van Duyne of Irvine noted that Islamic leaders were “bypassing American courts” and instituting their own from of justice in settling disputes with the repressive concept of Sharia Law.

At the time the mayor had called out mosque leaders and accused them of attempting to bypass Taxes state laws and create separate Islamic laws within the Muslim community, in short creating a parallel judicial system especially for Muslims.

Paxton claimed Texas courts, under the state's constitution, had the right to refuse to honor foreign laws or foreign rulings, such as arranged marriages or female genital mutilation (which one would assume is a felony).

Although Paxton’s announcement on Wednesday isn’t legally binding in that legal rulings are always a court function, the courts cannot contradict Texas laws or for that matter the state constitution.

Obviously the concept of Sharia Law within our American Judicial System stands is in stark contrast to the principles and ideals set forth within our constitution, and the idea of a parallel and diametrically opposed legal system seems a clever design to “transform America” by attempting to dismantle the cornerstone of our republic, our unique judicial system and our individual rights under that system.

Source: Dallas News


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