The final tweet left by one of the shooters just before the attack.

The final tweet left by one of the shooters just before the attack.

Following the deaths of two Muslim shooters at an art festival featuring depictions of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, social media posts by Muslims erupted praising the efforts of the two shooters.

The two attackers were shot and killed by a Garland, Texas police officer but their deaths seem to be acting as a rallying cry for Muslims advocating for other militant Muslims to declare jihad.

Using the hashtag "#garland," "#garlandshooting," and "#texasattack" the posts have been popping up on Twitter from users with names like "Radical_Wolfe" and "PunjabisinParis."

While it's a well known fact that ISIS and other jihadist groups are becoming proficient with social media as a method of spreading their values and messages, it's disconcerting to see posts pop up declaring war against the United States and praising the two dead shooters for engaging in an attack on American soil

Most of the tweets also contained the name of Allah, dedicating their social media attacks to their deity, which is less disconcerting and more angering.

While it could be said that the sponsors of the art festival brought the attack upon themselves, the fact remains that shooters can't waltz around the country interrupting art festivals that they don't agree with. The fact that others are praising the shooters for their actions is just plain sick.

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