Refugees Fleeing ISIS Offensive Pour Into Kurdistan

At the ripe old age of 18, Ahmed Basil Ramadan was working an undercover assignment for the Iraqi government. Infiltrate ISIS security forces. Unfortunately, this brave young man was caught and added to a group of seven other hostages.

ISIS militants wanted to make an example of this group. Dressing them like they were Guantanamo Bay inmates in orange overalls, the entire group was forced to kneel before a camera. Restrained by handcuffs, the ISIS militants lined up with handguns and executed them all. Adding insult to injury to the family members of the dead hostages, the jihadists posted the video on the Internet.

This infuriated Ahmed's father, Basil Ramadan. A man in his sixties, the need for revenge flowed thick in his blood. He watched as his son was named as one of the hostages, and at some point when the seething anger turned to a form of action, he grabbed his AK-47.

He attacked an ISIS checkpoint, killing seven of the terrorists before he himself was slain by return fire.

There isn't a father alive today who wouldn't want to see his son's killers punished. Losing his son was a pain that would never go away, as no parent is designed to mentally accept the death of their child at the hands of cold-blooded killers. He took seven ISIS murderers off of planet Earth before they could stop him, and everybody still here should empathize with Basil's brave actions.

Ahmed Basil Ramadan may have been young, but he died while trying to do the right thing. He wanted to stop ISIS however he could, even if it meant pretending to support them, to glean information to deliver to his superiors. For all of us who are targeted by the Jihadist movement, we owe this young man a measure of respect and thanks for his sacrifice.

As for Basil Ramadan, the dad who snatched up his AK-47 and delivered seven ISIS members directly to their graves, he should be hailed as a hero. Somewhere deep inside, he knew he probably wouldn't survive the assault, but he made sure his vengeance racked up seven monsters in human skin, ISIS terrorists who will never, ever be able to hurt another human being again.



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