The standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon appears to be heating up. It’s not over. Not by a mile.

Despite the altercation between the group’s leadership, the death of one of those men (LaVoy FInicum), and Ammon Bundy’s directive for the rest of them to give it up for another day and go home, those that chose to remain have no intention of leaving.

As the noose tightens, one of the militia has made a video detailing what is to come.

The fed is surrounding the area and according to the militiaman, the media have been told to leave and a bloodbath is coming.

“…the feds don’t want them to know who is murdering us.” He states this is “Armageddon,” and “history in the making.”

His solution?

“Get her, get some.” His buddy sings the Bad Boys theme song. He orders people, particularly military to come fight for their country and if anyone tries to stop them; “Kill them!”

Well, here’s the deal. While the guy screams “Show the truth!” and “Kill them!” into the camera, and claims that law enforcement doesn’t want the world to see what is about to go down, notice this guy has a camera. He and others like him can film it, radio report it out to their support, whatever.

Right now it’s looking like another Waco or Ruby Ridge in the making, and judging by the militiamen it is their behavior that is in question.

Source: Mad World News



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