"We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that" those unsettling words were uttered by Baltimore, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at a pivotal and perhaps crucial point when the police were apparently ordered to” stand-down” and just before the disturbance turned into a full-blown riot, with looting and burning down buildings and the destruction of hundreds of small businesses, and private property.

And after allowing the city of Baltimore to burn this mayor is now looking for yet another “handout” by Uncle Sam to “pony-up” and pay for the damage that she helped encourage.

One month after the race riots that trashed Baltimore, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said that the city would apply for a $20 million Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant to replenish the "rainy day fund" being used to pay for cleanup and police overtime costs in the wake of the mayhem.

"In order to replenish this fund, we've already worked with the state to apply for a federal FEMA reimbursement, and we are confident that we will receive a significant reimbursement from the federal government," CBS Baltimore affiliate WJZ reported her as saying Wednesday.


What seems apparent after the dismal lack of leadership from this mayor during and after the riots, is that law-abiding citizens of this troubled city need immediate relief from the souring crimes that have suddenly spiraled out of control.

“Astoundingly”, instead of resigning, or being asked to, Rawlings-Blake is now more confident than ever that the Obama White House will open the “money spigot” and do what progressive politicians do best…“ignore the real underline causes and effect of poverty, blame others and pour more of the people's money into this bottomless pit, and pretend for the time-being, that something positive is being accomplished.

Moreover given that FEMA funds are meant mostly for natural disasters, not riot damage. But more to the point, it's effectively an escape from fiscal accountability and political responsibility, given Rawlings-Blake's role in fueling the riots.

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