Imagine for a moment, your child, having served the nation in war, is finally home. Now imagine your child is dying, and you can’t do a thing about it. You would be angry at the world and angry at the person that you believe is the cause of your child’s death.

If that person walked through the door to your child’s hospital room, parents, you can imagine the anger that would well up out of you and how difficult it would be to hold back from unleashing every ounce of fury you have in you.


Such was the case with one soldier, who having served in Iraq, was back home on American soil, and was dying. President George W. Bush, paying his respects to soldiers and their families at Walter Reed Medical Center, encountered a parent like that described above.

The mom wanted to know why her son was dying and not the President. President Bush, always one of humble class, just stood there. He accepted the verbal blows that this mother flung his way.


Later, he spoke; “That mama sure was mad at me.” He went on, “…And I don’t blame her a bit.”

Bush accepted responsibility for his role as Commander-In-Chief in this soldier’s demise. President Obama, can be found nowhere near a dying soldier.

Bush, remains full of guilt, humility and gratefulness, something Obama knows nothing about. Our nation’s parents mourn, President Bush mourns, and President Obama castigates, blames, and looks down his nose on any who support the war on terror, to include our Armed Forces who do his bidding.

Grace no longer occupies the White House.

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