Police protestors, taking to the streets across the nation, are quick to blame the Thin Blue Line for perceived faults and indiscretions, but a recent incidence in Hedwig Village, Texas reminds us how dangerous it is for our first responders with a badge every time they pull a suspect over on a dark street. Following a traffic stop for an illegal right turn, Hedwig Village Officer, three-year department veteran, Andra Gibson, was reminded of this danger when the driver of the car he just pulled over unleashed a fuselage of bullets at the veteran police officer.

Routine Traffic Stop Turns Dangerous

Gibson observed the suspect make an illegal traffic move before attempting to pull the driver over, but the driver, later identified as Emilio Soliz, chose to hit the gas pedal rather that the brake. Gibson, who had never been involved in a high speed chase before, began a pursuit that was subsequently captured on the officer’s dashcam.

Fortunately, the footage provides a clear account of what transpired, so liberal, police protestors are unable to twist the subsequent events to suit their narrow political anti-establishment agenda.

The video clearly shows Solis briefly stopping his vehicle, to allow a passenger out of the car, before continuing his flight from justice. Officer Gibson continued his pursuit for a short distance prior to ostensibly coming to his senses and pulling his vehicle over to the side of the road.

What appeared to be a peaceful resolution to a dangerous situation was a mere chimera, however.

The Reality that Police Face Every Night

When Solis exited the vehicle his raised arms indicated that he understood the gravity of his situation but his movement was simply a ruse. In fact, as the suspect was in the process of raising his hands, he quickly dropped them and began firing at the officer.

According to a local news report, Officer Gibson returned fire and Solis collapsed to the ground. A backup car arrived moments later to find Solis lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Solis died later while being transported to the hospital. The dangerous work that police officers do on our nation’s streets was on full display in Hedwig Village, Texas, and Officer Gibson’s brave actions highlight the debt we owe our defenders in blue.



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