This should be interesting to watch. As we have all observed, the country of Sweden has been overrun by rats. Rats in the form of poor widow and orphan refugees originating in the Middle East.

Oddly enough, the plague is made up of a mostly male gender…not too many orphans and windows. Shockingly, sexual deprivation and unbelievable violence has tagged along.

Asylum camps are the stuff of nightmare; women raped, little girls raped, little boys gang raped and abandoned by the scaredy-cat police force.

Sweden apparently has said, ‘we’re done,’ following on the heels of another murder. This time a 15 year old male Muslim refugee in the guise of a Jihadi stabbed a 22-year old female asylum worker to death.  

The Swedish government is planning on rounding up roughly half of the Muslim migrants and shipping them back to their cess- pools of origin. That will leave another 80,000 to contend with post-deportation

“We’ll start with those who leave voluntarily by creating good conditions and all possible facilities,” said the county’s Minister, Anders Ygeman. “But, we cannot limit ourselves to this, and so we have to proceed with coercive measures.”

Good conditions? Would that be a military cargo plane that lands in the middle of a dirt field, door thrown open, and giant boots kicking them out? Sounds awesome.

While the mass deportation sounds like a great plan, although far too little far too late, it brings us back around to should be interesting to watch.

We are, after all talking about a country whose police left that 10 year boy to be gang raped because they feared for their own lives.

Source: Mad World News


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