To those of us who have pets, a dog, a cat or perhaps a little something more exotic, losing that “loved one” is as painful as losing any other family member, because in truth that pet is indeed a vital part of that family, and the devastation  of losing that pet to a reckless driver can be especially painful.


And one family that has experienced such a lose because of a careless driver has a message that simply states; “We buried our dog last week because you won’t SLOW DOWN,” If you hit 1 of my kids your family may be burying you.”

A photo of the sign was posted with the title simply reading, “This sign in my neighborhood.” Speaking for itself”

Although it’s unclear where the photo was taken, it has certainly grown to be a matter of controversy and debate. In that some within the tree-lined residential neighborhood pointed out that dogs should be leashed at all times, while others maintain that drivers should respect the posted speed limit, especially within a residential area where children are likely playing,

While some pointed out that dogs should be leashed at all times while outside, others stated that people shouldn’t be driving that fast in a residential area in the first place.

One resident asked; “Am I the only one who doesn’t like people who won’t keep their dog contained in their yard and then [get] upset that their dog is endangered?”

While another responded; “A person should NEVER be going fast enough in a residential area that a dog can’t simply avoid you.”

What seems obvious is that children (along with dogs and cats) will at times dart out into the street, because they’re children and because they’re animals, especially where children live in close proximity to a street.

If anything that sign should be a “wake up” call for those drivers with a “heavy-foot” to be careful.

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