When a twelve tear old boy who goes by the name of CJ completely schools a Harvard educated President Obama about what it really means to love America, this should be a critical moment marked in US History.

This isn't just some ramblings of youthful wishes. CJ hits the target dead center in his video. He has more compassion for his country inside his little finger than President Obama has in his entire body. How much more gross incompetence can America endure from President Obama?

Another issue that brought amazement to this comparison is how CJ defines ISIS for what it is; a terrorist organization who is against everything American, directly addressing the man in the oval office and explaining why Obama doesn't truly love America. I almost wish this was made up, but it's not. We need to face the facts, and to hell with Political Correctness. Throw it out. If a twelve-year-old has the courage to do so... which brings us yet another surreal moment. A twelve-year-old boy has more courage to define ISIS for what it is than a grown adult man who is currently the President of the United States.

The glimmer of hope that shines through this epic moment resides in the fact that CJ somehow escaped a public school backed Liberal education and decided to think for himself. With eyes wide open, this boy goes on to prove that while we are at the edge of a cliff, there are still those who would reach out to grab onto the arm of truth, to pull back against the tides of propaganda laced indoctrination, and fight to reclaim the freedoms that people like President Barrack Obama so gleefully throws away.

Openly supporting Rudy Giuliani's recent speaking out against President Obama, CJ continues to provide point after point as to how lame Obama has truly been towards America. Instead of sitting in front of an Xbox One for countless hours, setting aside time to analyze the enemies that target America and our citizens, he does more than skewer President Obama with one fact after another. He hands a platter of solutions at the end, telling Obama what he should do. CJ is completely right.

President Barrack Obama, where ever you are right this moment, you need to hang your head in absolute shame. You've been called out by a twelve-year-old patriot, and don't you dare, Mr. President, get the Southern Law Poverty Center (SPLC) to put CJ down as another lone wolf patriot. You better watch out, because in six short years, CJ will be able to vote, and I hope this bright kid stays on track, no matter what they Department of Education has to say about it.

My hat is off to you, CJ. Stay the course, stay focused, and believe in those solutions. You're far more Presidential material than Barrack Obama could ever hope to be.


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