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With the world in such disarray, it’s comforting to know that every now and then we pause a moment and remind ourselves, of the goodness within mankind, that “Hallmark moment,” that brings us back to our humanity.

Simone Biles was born into a fractured home in Columbus, Ohio, and like most African-American children within the inner city, the odds of her growing up within a loving and nurturing environment would be a bet that no bookie would take, growing up to drug-addicted parents, foster homes and being abandoned by her father, would almost seal your faith to a life of hardship.

And no doubt it would have if it were not for Ron and Nellie Biles, who adopted Simone and her sister and moved them to Spring, Texas.

And that’s where this at risk child, blossomed into a 19-year old world-class gymnast, and the most decorated gold medalist in world championship gymnastics history.

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Making her Olympic debut for Team U.S.A., Simone as been described as “the best ever, the perfect 10, the best gymnast ever”, and “a legend in the making.”

However perhaps the most important description of all was Simone’s recollection of being adopted;

“at the time, the sisters called Ron and Nellie “Grandpa” and “Grandma,” however one day Nellie sat Simone and Adria down for a talk. “She said, ‘It’s up to you guys. If you want to, you can call us Mom and Dad,’ ” Simone remembered.

All of her success was made possible by the love of her grandparents who stepped up big time!

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