If you’re part of the ultra left Hollywood establishment, and you happen to be a Trump supporter, you usually try to be somewhat subdued and perhaps stay under the radar screen in you’re support of “The Donald.”

However if you’re actress Kirstie Alley being subdued isn’t who you are and in fact you may actually relish your formal endorsement of Trump that you want everyone to know it on Twitter by posting; “HELLO BOYS! this is my formal endorsement of @realDonaldTrump & I’m a woman! (last I checked).”

The Emmy Award-winning star also applauded former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said earlier this week that he would vote for the Republican presidential candidate and business mogul.

Of course as expected the anti-Trump crowd took to social media to blast the former "Cheers" actress, which only emboldened her further with a hilarious barrage and exchanges of tweets, defending her decision to back Trump and bashing President Obama's signature health care reform law.

Alley actually seemed to be enjoying herself as she engaged one person after another, and taking one insult after another (and giving back in return) in typical Alley fashion.

In January, the “Cheers” star said she admired Trump for shaking up the political debate.
“Donald Trump, whether you like him or you don’t like him, is waking this country up,” she said…all we can say to Kirstie is “Amen”!

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