Actor Scott Baio, a vocal Trump supporter, is hitting retail giant Nordstrom where it hurts -- in their high-end imported pocketbook.

The Seattle-based company announced it was discontinuing first-daughter Ivanka Trump's clothing line because of the president's ban on Muslim refugees, which really isn't a ban but a 120-day moratorium.

In retaliation, Baio (Happy Days, Charles In Charge) announced he's boycotting Nordstrom.

Baio even produced his wife's corporate rewards account that showed a whopping $30,062 spent at Nordstrom in a single year.

The liberal Twitterverse responded: Shame on you, Baio!

"Imagine the good you could do in the world with $30K instead of wardrobing your ego," one person Tweeted.

By "good," do they mean spending more taxpayer dollars on sanctuary cities for illegals?

Others criticized the Ivanka Trump line for being made in China. Honestly, what U.S. consumer good isn't made or assembled in China these days? And who granted China Most Favored Nation trade status in the first place? It was our beloved former Democrat sexpot-in-chief Bill Clinton, that's who.

If President Trump gets his way with China, the quasi-communist industrial behemoth won't be producing the vast majority of America's cheap imported consumer products much longer. How would that affect the Nordstrom bottom line, one wonders?

It's no secret Ivanka Trump's dress line wasn't gaining much traction. Even so, Nordstrom has alienated conservative Republican consumers, who've cut up their credit cards in protest of the politically motivated axing of Ivanka Trump.

This doesn't sound like a very good business model in today's worsening retail economy.

As noted in the Los Angeles Times, Nordstrom sales rose just 1 percent in 2015. For the first quarter of 2016, however, the company's same-store sales dropped 1.7 percent.

Clearly, Nordstrom has started something maybe it will soon wish it hadn't by dabbling in anti-Trump politics.

Business is business, as they say, but nothing hurts business like bad politics.

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Source: Independent Journal Review



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