Everywhere you find a statement praising, thanking, or bestowing a blessing that involves the word “God”, you will also find the ever-vigilant ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

We have schools across this nation indoctrinating our children into Islam with exercises about Allah being the only god, the five pillars of the faith, dressing up in burqas, and praying like they are at a mosque. The ACLU has been markedly silent, and if they haven’t there has been no news on their actions in this regard.

What is in the news, is the ACLU going after Airline High School in Louisiana, the students and Principal Jason Rowland, for invoking the word “God.” For their part, students who are members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes put on display some prayer boxes that featured Christian symbols. The horror! The Principal used the phrase “The Future Starts Today-May God Bless You All” last month. There’s that “God” word again. Double horror!!

The ACLU can’t let this stand. It’s Christianity for heaven’s sake and that cannot and will not be tolerated because this is using the school for “religious indoctrination” and has “encouraged students to ‘pray to the Almighty God.” As opposed to Allah?

State Representative Mike Johnson (R) and the non-profit, Freedom Guard, are donating legal means to fight the ACLU. Johnson is on record as stating, “This is typical of the ACLU. They’re on a seek-and-destroy mission for all things religious.”

He’s right about seek-and-destroy, but it is only when it comes to all things Christian.




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