The ACLU is getting its hands in another sticky mess recently in Gloucester County, Virginia, where a female student who goes by the name Gavin Grimm has claimed to be sexually discriminated for not being allowed to use the boy's restroom in Gloucester High School.

Grimm, who apparently suffers from gender dysphoria and believes she is a male, feels singled out that she is not allowed to use the boy's restroom but must use specially catered, singe-stall restrooms that have been provided for students who are transgender and don't feel comfortable using the boy's or girl's restrooms.

The ACLU is stepping in and trying to force the school system to allow Grimm to use the boy's restrooms, arguing that a school board policy put in place last year that assigns students with male reproductive organs to the boy's bathroom and those with female reproductive organs to the girl's bathroom is "stigmatizing and needlessly cruel."

The ACLU also claimed that allowing Grimm to use the boy's bathroom is part of helping her gender dysphoria, essentially arguing that Grimm's use of the boy's bathroom is a form of treatment for her condition.

Grimm, for her part, says she wants to "use the restroom in peace," but officials say that she used the boy's bathroom for seven weeks before the school system put a stop to her trips.

The anger and outrage on the part of Grimm, her family, and the ACLU is severely misplaced and ridiculous. Not only has the school system made clear what it expects from students when it comes to using the bathroom (if you're a boy down there, go to the boy's bathroom and vice versa) but it has also made available single stall, private bathrooms for others who don't want to use the regular boy's and girl's bathrooms.

It's time to stop crying wolf, ACLU. This isn't discrimination, it's just someone wanting something that they can't and shouldn't have.

h/t: Daily Caller

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