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One can only imagine the heartache and pain of a police officers family, loosing their loved ones in a violent confrontation with an armed thug; however that pain as awful as it is, never-the-less, is an intricate part of the occupational hazard of being a police officer.

However to have an accused cop killer suing his deceased victim and the city of Indianapolis for millions of dollars, is something that defies logic, and yet this murderous thug is doing exactly that, suing his victim for $2.3 million dollars.

Major P. Davis II, awaiting trial in a state prison for the murder of an Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer in 2014, has filed a law suit claiming slain Officer Perry Renn shot him in the back while he was unarmed on July 5, 2014, in an east side Indianapolis alley.

Prosecutors charge bullets from Davis’ semi-automatic rifle killed Renn, who was responding to a report of shots fired during a holiday weekend backyard cookout attended by women and children.

“I don’t think this case has a chance in the world and I’m a defense lawyer,” said attorney Jack Crawford.

The criminal defendant (Davis), claims his hands were in plain sight and that he was complying with the officer’s orders when Renn began shooting him from the rear.

The State alleges Davis shot Renn with his mother’s AK-47 while standing behind the mother of his children, an obstruction that caused the officer’s fatal hesitation in responding to the threat.

Watch Davis's family list list a variety of excuses why Davis shot Officer Renn with an AK-47:




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