If there’s one thing this election season has done, perhaps more effectively than any other in recent years, is highlight the overt systemic corruption that now exists within the political establishment, if anything Trumps bombastic bellowing that the system is “rigged” may not be as refined in tone, as some would like, never-the-less his warning is true, “the system is indeed rigged.”

Need further proof?

It now seems that a federal judge has ruled that Clinton’s emails recovered during the so-called FBI investigation will remain hidden and under wraps, well after the presidential election.

Which no doubt leaves us all to speculate what if anything could the Obama/Clinton gang be hiding, that they would risk the integrity of honorable and forthright government institutions like the FBI, and the Justice Department?

Moreover why would a respected former and independent career FBI agent and current FBI Director sell his integrity and destroy his good-name, in order to protect Clinton?

Perhaps we will someday know the answers to these questions, however this latest stonewalling by the federal court into Hillary’s emails simply highlights Trump’s warning that the elite political class enjoys a separate set of laws, designed to absolve them of the most egregious crimes without regard to consequences.

Which prompted Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton after hearing the judge's ruling exclaim in utter frustration; ‘This is an absolutely corrupt process the State Department has come up with.”

Not even Rep. Trey Gowdy a tough former state prosecutor and Chair of the Benghazi Select Committee could dislodge and untangle the web of deceit created by the Obama/Clinton gang

In a recent interview Gowdy questioned the veracity of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server and why the FBI didn’t question Clinton further regarding her intent in setting up a private network, in the first place.

“I looked to see what witnesses were questioned on the issue of intent, including her. I didn’t see that many question on that issue, regarding a classified briefing report on the investigation supplied by the FBI.”

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