Flying the friendly skies was not so "friendly" for passenger Maggie Dietrich on a recent American Airlines flight.

While in flight Dietrich covertly snapped a photo of a flight attendant prominently wearing a Black Lives Matter pin while in uniform and posted it to American Airlines Facebook page. Clearly the pin was a violation of the airlines dress code.

Taking into consideration the violent nature of the group and anti-police rhetoric that BLM has fostered there is no place for this divisive pin on any self-respecting businesses employee.

Remember, BLM recently listed their demands and one of their primary must haves was a call for slavery reparations. (Good luck with that one!)

Here is Dietrich's original post to American Airlines:

The airline pulled down the post citing privacy concerns for their employee:

This is where things get a little screwy. Before Dietrich knew it she was under attack for being a racist. BLM supporters started threatening the airline with a boycott if the airline took any action against the employee and insisted this employee be allowed to wear the pin. Welcome to Obama's America folks. But the airline wasn't the only one getting threats.

Dietrich reported to BuzzFeed News that she was “not sure why so many people are being hateful, as anyone can clearly see I’ve made no racist or hateful comments whatsoever.”
“I don’t support any group, this one included, that promotes murdering police officers, arson, theft or all out civil disobedience. This organization does not promote, at least on any news outlet I’ve ever seen, peace and equality.”

Dietrich said she as gotten hundreds upon hundreds of “outright threats, only proving my whole point on this organization.”
“So sad really,”

Here's just a small example of the threats and rants that BLM supporters directed to Dietrich and American Airlines.







A small amount of comments supported Dietrich and her COMMON SENSE point of view:


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